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   б ȭаа (BS, 1987.2)

   KAIST ȭаа (MS, 1990.2; PhD, 1994.2)




    1996.8 : ѱб(KIST) Complex Fluids , , åӿ

    2001.52001.6 : Center for Complex Fluids Processing, U. of Wales, Swansea, UK
                         Visiting Researcher (KOSEF-British Council Joint Research Program)

    1999.51999.8 : -öũ (Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research) ̷п׷
                         (, ),  Guest Scientist (DFG-KOSEF Fellow)

    1995.31996.7 : Univ. of California at Davis ȭаа, Macromolecular Hydrodynamics Lab
                         Post-doc. (KOSEF Fellow)

    1993.111995.2 : ѱȭп и , Post-doc.

    * ȸ : ѱȭаȸ(Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers)
                    ѱȸ(The Korean Soc. Rheology), APS, AIChE




    ü (Fundamentals on Complex Fluids System)
       molecular simulations on static and dynamic behavior of complex fluids /
       physicochemical interactions, concentration distribution, and diffusion within confined spaces
̼ü (Pinciples of Micro-Fluidics)
       electrostatics and electrokinetics, membrane zeta potential analysis/
       membrane filtration principles and membrane fouling