Universities & Institutes

       Theory Group, Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research

       Swansea, Wales        (Centre for Complex Fluids Processing)

       ETRI / Supercom center

       Korea Sci. & Eng. Foundation


       AIChE    (American Institute of Chemical Engineers)

       KIChE    (Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers)

       NAMS   (North American Membrane Society)

       The Korean Society of Rheology

       Information Center for Chem. Eng. Research    


       MTL at MIT

       Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory

       Microfluidics Inc.



       CFD on-line        (an online center for Computational Fluid Dynamics)

       ACM-TOMS        (Association for CoMputing, Transactions On Mathematical Software)

       POVRAY             (software for 3-D animation)

       IDEALS              (international digital electronic access library)


       Korean Ministry Of Sci. & Tech.

       Hewlett-Packard Korea 


       Canadian Rocky Mountains

       Sanctuary of Arts